Tim Queen

Tim Queen is the #1 Inbound Marketing Strategist on LinkedIn, Creator of Vivid Talks, Host of the 100 Strategies Podcast Show and a Social Media Influencer with more than 28,000+ Followers.

Clarice Lin

Clarice Lin is a growth marketer and content strategist. Using business intelligence, she helps small business owners and startups to identify the best opportunities and eliminate inefficiencies in their businesses.

She is the founder of BaselineLabs, a growth-hacking, and rebranding agency who tailor their marketing approaches to make a real difference in your business.

Clarice has spent over 10 years with key decision makers to come up with effective actionable recommendations in Fortune 500 companies like BP and Microsoft and one of the best specialist media company in the world - Haymarket Media Group.

Candyce Costa

Alex Smutko

Christopher Nicholson Price

Cynthia Tian

Lidia Kalinowska

Kanaway Yusingco

Sarah Clay

Ruby Rai