Date & Time Wednesday
May 16, 2018
6 PM - 9 PM

WeWork Moorgate
1 Fore St Ave

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Vivid Talks

Vivid Talks is a global platform for like minded individuals who want to grow together, exchange ideas, tell stories, share knowledge, challenge beliefs, ask questions and offer solutions.

Our community includes business leaders, entrepreneurs, respected experts and high performers.

Growth Talks

On May 16, we bring together three amazing speakers who share their most important growth lessons with you.

You'll learn

  • how to make better choices and how to develop better strategies from Karen
  • how to differentiate success factors that actually matter vs those that just look good from Tim
  • how to embrace uncertainty and failure whenever a strategy doesn't work out as planned from Ernesto.

Afterward, we have a vivid networking session where you can connect with speakers and members of the Vivid Talks community.

Ernesto Moreno – Embracing Uncertainty and the Unknown

Whether in business, career or personal life, staying on top of your game is becoming overwhelmingly difficult.

Change is the only constant in life, even more so if you're an entrepreneur or starting something new.

The difficulty is usually not the change itself, but the uncertainty that comes with it.

How do you keep calm when you navigate unchartered waters? How do you keep anxiety and frustration at bay when you can't see what's ahead?

During his talk, Ernesto shares his approach to life and business and key tips on how you can stay more focused, more optimistic and more in control of your life in the face of uncertainty.

Ernesto Moreno is an experienced business consultant, people development specialist, entrepreneur and is frequently invited as keynote speaker for events such as TEDx. His talks inspire people to think differently and take action and are often described as highly engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking.

He has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in Organisational Development, Change Management and Business Growth while working for leading consulting companies such as Atos Consulting and PwC.

Today he is running his own training and consulting company Expanding Leadership and has established a chain of 15 franchised restaurants, 7 other stores in the retail and service industries and is now employing more than 250 people with combined revenue of over 12 million Pounds.

Karen Myrup Birchall – Mastering Strategic Thinking

If you want to learn how to be more strategic, then this talk for you!

We all have limitations in the way we think and how we use our brains. In the face of complexity and uncertainty, we often don't act as strategically as we should.

A strategic person is able to make the best possible choice between different trade-offs.

In her captivating talk, Karen Birchall shares the most common mistakes that we make when it comes to strategic thinking and how each of us can learn to overcome them.

You'll learn:

- The most important characteristics and skills of strategic individuals.

- The most common mistakes when it comes to strategic thinking.

- Karen's top tips on becoming more strategic.

- How to evaluate different trade-offs.

- How to make better decisions.

Karen Birchall is an executive coach, strategy consultant and speaker. 

She works with global blue-chip companies as well as fast growth creative organisations. 

She counts blue-chip companies with net revenues of up to $35 billion, such as Morgan Stanley, BlackRock and Commerzbank, amongst her clients. 

In the creative industries, she has delivered her high impact talks and programmes to Soho House & Co, The Century Club and The Collective.

Through a partnership with Push Mind and Body, Karen has also brought growth and professional development to Yahoo, ITV and Havas.  

Karen’s passion is growth! – Growing performance, people, results, organisations – even vegetables!

Tim Queen – The One Thing

Tim Queen will show you the importance of identifying the ONE thing that has the strongest impact on your success.

An inconvenient truth in life is, that many people who are successful at anything are incapable of teaching others how to replicate their results.

It's not because they had ulterior motives or were bad at teaching. They just don't understand the nature of their success and confuse correlation with causation.

Just because many people believe in something doesn't make it true.

Tim had to learn this the hard way. Over a period of 10 years, he had developed severe obesity.

Unhappy about his deteriorating health, he followed every popular recommendation on losing weight.

Nothing ever worked or only worked for a very short period, only to snap back at the next occasion.

It was only when Tim followed a completely new decision-making process, that he was able to identify the ONE thing that would change everything. Within less than 12 months he lost 50kg (7.9 stones / 110 pounds) without ever feeling hungry, going to a gym or taking any magic supplements.

On May 16, Tim will share how to apply the same decision-making process in your business, career and personal life. 

Tim Queen is a highly esteemed Business Strategist, Creator of Vivid Talks and Speaker with a combined following of 30,000 across all social media channels.



Karen Myrup Birchall

Mastering Strategic Thinking

Tim Queen

The One Thing

Ernesto Moreno

Embracing Uncertainty and The Unknown