Inbound VS Outbound Marketing

Date October 2, 2018
Location WeWork Moorgate



Tim Queen

Tim Queen is the #1 Inbound Marketing Strategist on LinkedIn, Creator of Vivid Talks, Host of the 100 Strategies Podcast Show and a Social Media Influencer with more than 28,000+ Followers.

Phil Guest

Phil is a seasoned commercial leader with a track record of delivering transformational revenue growth for businesses of all sizes.

Following a successful corporate sales career working at AOL, Fox and Capital Radio, he transitioned to helping start-ups build scalable revenue engines through his strategic sales consultancy, Revcelerate.

Today Phil teaches non-sales start-up founders how to sell and win their first customers. As they build traction, he is often brought in to design and implement their new sales organisation.

Applying operating principles that draw on special force’s concepts, learned as a serving Royal Marine Commando, Phil helps accelerate revenue traction through sales process knowledge transfer and hands-on help to build high performing sales teams.

Phil works with several start-up accelerator programmes and recently graduated from the FFWD pre-accelerator programme himself.